How the Right Business Phone System Can Enhance Your Business Image

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BusinessPhoneYour business phone is one of the first touch points between your business and your customers and prospects. So it pays to look for a business phone system solution that is in sync with the image your company seeks to portray. Regardless of the size of your organization, a professional phone system is an easy way to set yourself apart from less seasoned competitors.

When choosing a business phone system, you need to be sure that it is:
• Helping you to convey your consistent marketing message
• Adaptable to the changing needs of your growing business
• Doesn’t sacrifice functionality needed for your business

Where do you start?
Until recently, business owners had to make a considerable investment into the setup and maintenance of a phone system. Today, more and more businesses are switching to much more affordable solutions that are found through a web search for “Cloud-Based digital PBX VOIP Phone System”, or simply “cloud phone system”.

Our agency recently started working with a client that is a provider of affordable cloud phone system solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to offering a ton of features for a very low price, Zaplee also runs on Skype, Google Voice and SIP. Zaplee provided us with the following information to consider when selecting a business phone system:

Compare Price vs. Features
Connect with your customers through a professional business phone system that is easy to set up and has a ton of features for a low monthly cost. Be sure to research phone system providers and compare their price and features. Be careful to calculate the total setup cost and not just the monthly fee. For each option, consider the ongoing costs to make changes to your phone system.

Our tip: consider lesser known provider options!

Cloud phone solutions give you many easy-to-use features to run your business without requiring huge startup costs or hardware. With a cloud-based VOIP solution, your business can get the features and functionality of an industrial strength traditional phone system (PBX), without spending heaps of money on a new phone system.

Customer Experience
One key consideration when selecting a business phone system is what your customers will experience when they call your business. You want to be sure to present a professional appearance and that your consistent marketing message is applied throughout the call experience.

Some of the phone system features to look out for are: professionally recorded greetings, efficient call-routing options, and custom hold messages or music. Choose greeting, hold, and voicemail options that reflect your business image: from hip start-up to sophisticated. Choose call-routing options that ensure that as many calls as possible are answered – by people who can effectively answer your callers’ questions.

The bottom line: make sure that the incoming call experience is that of an enterprise corporation – regardless of your current business size.

Location Flexibility
The correct business phone service allows customers, current and future, to reach you wherever you are. Being reachable is imperative when you’re running a business. Choose a phone system that is flexible and allow you to work from anywhere.

For example, if you’re often on the road, then don’t purchase a phone service that only works in your office. Our new favorite, the cloud phone system, connects you with your customers regardless of your location: whether you’re in the car, office, or at an off-site meeting.

Expansion Flexibility
Select a phone system that can easily scale up with your business. Don’t get stuck with massive investments in hardware. Also, avoid long-term contracts that are inflexible and lock you into services you might not need. It’s easy to underestimate or overestimate your business growth. With the wrong phone system, this can be a costly mistake.

Pick a phone system solution that grows with your company. Consider a toll free number that provides complete location flexibility for your growing business. After all, choose a business phone system that empowers you to hit the road running – without expensive hardware or software, and without skipping a beat.

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